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Eyce Isbong

Eyce Isbong

Levering: 10-15 dage
Fyld formen med vand og smid den i fryseren, vent så til vandet er frosset, så du kan tage formen af!!!
Utrolig smart isbong som altid er som ny!!!
32cm høj

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895,00  DKK

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'EYCE' 2.0 - the silicone mold to produce individual ice bongs in a modified version. The improvements of the ice mold now allow lying of the mold for freezing, so you don’t need a freezer in size xxl anymore. Otherwise, the making of the ice pipe, which almost consists 90% of ice, is very easy.
The creativity for an individual design of this bong, for example by using coloured water, adding flavors or freezing fruit pieces in the mold and much more, is at no limit. An extremely smooth and aromatic taste follows the taken frozen hit, this is as cool as it can get!
In addition, you have a bong that you never have to clean. And you never worry about breaking it. And evidence just melts away... The ‘EYCE’ mold is very easy to use, long lasting, and doesn’t have to be made everyday. Keep the ice bong in the freezer between sessions and the same pipe can last you weeks.